Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Changeling: Bonus Material - Gareth's Place

Since Gareth's apartment seems to be fast turning into Gareth's Home For Wayward Lostlings in our Changeling game, I decided to do up a fancy-shmancy floor plan of the loft space.  I used Florplanner, a really awesome free site that lets you do 2D and 3D renderings of architectural plans.  I do recommend checking it out, as it was really easy to start using, and I intend to do a lot more with it in the future.

But the apartment.  I've had this space kicking around in my head since the game began, although it took a lot of restraint not to make it massive.  I keep having to remind myself that, though the (fictional) building in which Gareth lives is an "artists' colony" which is geared towards low-rent living/working space for otherwise starving artists, I couldn't go all out.  I must say, it was a great creative exercise, and I am much pleased with the result!

The building itself is an old warehouse that has been converted into various types of living and creative spaces from lofts like this to more conventional apartments.  Gareth's flat is about a 660 sq ft, high ceilinged loft space, with a concrete tiled area off the kitchen for with an Ansul hood system for his welding and sculpting apparatus.  There is a regular door as well as a garage-style door to allow for the coming and going of large art pieces and materials.  Conveniently, the main elevator (which in game continuity is an old fashioned grate-style contraption) is right outside his door.  Gareth's home is on the second floor.

An overview of the whole place.  That window in the curtained-off bed space is where they saw the frosty footprint.
The entrance and garage doors.  That's Wally's crash couch in the foreground, and an easel and work bench to the left.
The work area (no good objects for a welder, so it is empty space) and the "bedroom", sectioned off by curtains and a wardrobe.
And from the other side, showing the kitchen, washer/dryer, "living room", and a closet.

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