Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Dice Are Strong With This One

I've been reading a web comic lately called "Darths And Droids", and I cannot sing its praises highly enough. 

Its premise is not a new one - it takes an existing story, in this case the entire "Star Wars" franchise (prequels and all) and presents it as though it were being played through by a group of D&D players, utilising screen caps of the films as their story panels.  There is commentary that accompanies each page in which the authors address some aspect or other of roleplaying.  They readily admit to being inspired by "DM of the Rings", which I have also read in its entirety and enjoyed super lots.

"Darths and Droids" is still in production, and they have only just wrapped up their take on the prequels a few weeks ago and are now getting into "A New Hope".  I must say, reading their interpretation of the prequel films (and their story does differ quite a bit from Lucas', though keeps some of the same basic structure) gave me a whole new appreciation for them.

I was never in the rageboner-hate camp of Star Wars fans when it came to the prequels, although I do acknowledge that they're... inferior to the original trilogy (especially "Phantom Menace").  Some things are best left as they are, but I guess if  you're going to make fat loads of cash for yourself, well I guess there are better ways to do it, but there are worse ways, too.

So yes, please do check out this clever web comic.  Come for the Star Wars, stay for their commentary on running, playing, and crafting RPG stories.

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