Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Get Lost

For the first time in all my roughly 30 years of existence, I do not have cable TV.  That's probably a lie, actually, as I was born in the early/mid 1980s, there's a chance we may not have had cable initially.  But I digress.

When M'Colleague and I moved house last year, we decided that we don't need it, as between us we have easily 200+ movies on DVD and VHS, as well as several dozen complete or getting-there television series from the UK and US.  Anything else we might want to see can be found online, whether on network websites, Hulu, Amazon Instant, etc.  No, we don't even have Netflix, and you can shut up now because you're not the first person to raise an eyebrow.  We also don't have smart phones.  What can I say, we like being out of touch.

What this brings me to is LOSTLOST, the infamous ABC drama about the unlucky group of plane crash survivors who find themselves on a weird ass island in the middle of... somewhere.  We are watching LOST right now, and are just nearing the last 8 episodes of the second season. 

For me this is a retread, even though I have owned the DVDs for ever.  I watched LOST faithfully from the beginning right to that bitter fucking end, as it aired, never missing a single episode (except one, because my cable went out or I had rehearsal or something, but that's now been rectified).  Every character death, every reunion, every mystery uncovered, solved, left unanswered... I had never been that dedicated to a television programme, and haven't been since; never that emotionally invested in a series of fiction other than Harry Potter.  As I told M'Colleague, before him LOST was my only other serious long term relationship, and I was with that bitch for six years. 

Laugh, I do, but it was about that serious.  I followed the between-season ARGs, and spent any time I wasn't in class, rehearsing, doing homework, or (after Uni) at work religiously reading through every fan theory and looking at screen grabs at the message board hot-spots.  For the record, "Sledgeweb's LOST... Stuff" was my main squeeze, although sadly the board archives seem to be largely gone now.  I also listened to every one of Damon Lindleoff and Carlton Cuse's official LOST podcasts each week.  Hell, friends and I would even have season premier and season finale parties, complete with Dharma Initiative food stuff, tropical fruit salads, and so forth.

I don't want to get too far into reminiscing about it, though, because of S.P....  He's never seen LOST past the first two seasons, which I had lent him years ago.  He's heard things about the later seasons, but it is random disparate information without context.  So not only am I getting to relive this with all my knowledge of what lies ahead, finding new connections and all, but I also get to see someone discover these things for the first time.  Trust me when I say it is insanely difficult keeping my mouth shut about a lot of things.

I have to say, it is well weird watching it without commercial breaks, not to mention the things I'm uncovering watching them so bunched together.  How did we do this before?!

Dharma Initiative beverages, crisps and peanut butter, as well as mints.  Also fruit salad and "polar bear wrapped in boar", a.k.a. bacon-wrapped beef.  We thought ourselves dead clever.

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  1. "spent any time I wasn't in class, rehearsing, doing homework, or (after Uni)"

    It is times like these I feel a bit old. Stupid cultural signifiers.